VKPAK har automatiske etiketteringsmaskiner til trykfølsomme papiretiketter samt polyetylenhylster og krympemærker i hele kroppen. Vores automatiske systemer kan konfigureres til front-, bagside-, wrap- og multisidede applikationer. Vores topmoderne kapacitet inkluderer også print- og anvendteknologi til UPC-kodning.

VKPAK manufactures a wide variety of automatic labeling systems to meet your labeling needs. The heart of any automatic labeling machine is its control system. VKPAK has developed the most sophisticated controls on the market today with a dizzying array of options that are incorporated with all of our labeling systems. Additionally the controls are adaptable for special applications that you may have.

Whether you need top, bottom, front, back, wrap, neck or any combination of these, we can provide an automatic labeling system to suit your needs. On this page you will find many types of standard automatic labeling equipment, but don't be afraid to call us about any special needs you may have, as the odds are, we can incorporate them into the labeling system you need.